Robust Test Automation Made Easy

Zero Coding


True Zero Coding Platform

Anyone with basic QA knowledge can create and execute robust automation using our wizard-driven interface.

Platform can be Accessed on Public and Private Networks

Testing can take place on-prem or in the cloud, for apps developed on prem or in the cloud.

Tight Integration into DEVOPS Pipelines

Extensive APIs and plugins allow for tight integration into DEVOPS pipelines, enabling continuous testing automation to be performed in real time as code is developed.

True End-to-End Testing

Browser, desktop, native mobile, database, web service, and OS-level commands allow for true end-to-end testing, providing testing automation from authoring to remote execution and reporting.


Let Coders Code and Testers Test


Subject7 gives your development shop the ability to dramatically increase the number and execution frequency of automated test cases.

Main Capabilities

  • Web Automation

  • REST/SOAP Testing

  • Database Testing

  • Load Testing

  • Security Testing

  • 508/Accessibility Testing

  • JIRA Integration

  • CI Integration

  • Desktop Automation

  • Native Mobile App 

  • Manual Testing


Streamline Cross Browser Testing via Parallel Execution


Run the same test with multiple permutations of data sets, browsers, and platforms--all with no coding.  Subject7 leverages AWS and manages the virtual inventory of machine configs ensuring you stay compatible.

Improve Productivity & Collaboration



Non-technical users and developers can create a secure and shared repository of repeatable test cases. Run automated testing off-cycle, increase productivity, and decrease time to market.

Document Video Evidence of Defect Triggers



Lower production-level defects, by ending "I Can't Reproduce This Defect!?!" The Subject7 Test Automation Platform supplies video evidence of the sequence of events that triggered all defects.