Subject7 Test Automation Platform

Subject7's platform is a no-coding, cloud-based automated testing solution for web and mobile applications. We've created a robust and intuitive test automation solution that's easy to implement and learn, with the scale of an enterprise product.  Subject7's powerful features, like real-time video recording of test executions and out-of-the-box Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD) support are second to none.  

Subject7 supports high volume, critical business needs.  As the solution of choice for federal and commercial clients, our testing platform improves speed to market and increases operational efficiency. Building automation with open source from ground-up is time consuming and expensive. Convert your capital expense to operational expense with flexible pricing models to fit your specific needs.   

Main Capabilities

  • End-to-end functional testing of Web , Mobile Database, REST, SOAP and Desktop

  • Load testing using the same automated tests, simulating real world scenarios

  • Section 508 compliance testing and accessibility

  • Security testing active and passive


Streamline Cross Browser Testing via Parallel Execution

Run the same test with multiple permutations of data sets, browsers, and platforms--all with no coding.  Subject7 leverages AWS manages the virtual inventory of machine configs ensuring you stay compatible.

Improve Productivity & Collaboration



Non-technical users and developers can create a secure and shared repository of repeatable test cases. Run automated testing off-cycle, increase productivity, and decrease time to market.

Document Video Evidence of Defect Triggers


Lower production-level defects, by ending "I Can't Reproduce This Defect!?!" The Subject7 Test Automation Platform supplies video evidence of the sequence of events that triggered all defects.