Subject7 Test Automation Platform

Subject7's platform is a no-coding, cloud-based automated testing solution for web and mobile applications. We've created a robust and intuitive test automation solution that's easy to implement and learn, with the scale of an enterprise product.  Subject7's powerful features, like real-time video recording of test executions and out-of-the-box Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD) support are second to none.  

The Subject7 platform supports high volume, critical business needs.  As the solution of choice for federal and commercial clients, our testing platform improves speed to market and increases operational efficiency. Convert your capital expense to operational expense with flexible pricing models to fit your specific needs.   

Intuitive Test Automation For:

  • End-to-end functional testing of web interface, database, web services, and SSH

  • Load & performance testing that simulates real user loads and measures performance

  • Section 508 compliance testing and accessibility

  • Native mobile application testing


Improve Productivity & Collaboration.


No scripting required: non-technical users and developers can perform robust test automation more efficiently.

Using wizards coupled with a simple authoring IDE, non-technical users can quickly create test cases,  and easily modify them when new functionality is added.   Subject7 uses industry standards so that users can learn the product more easily without having to learn new proprietary languages or processes.

Our Software as a Service platform is accessible from all browsers, with no installation.

Subject7's test automation can be installed in the cloud or on-site or as a hybrid model.  Out-of-the-box, no configurations are needed to write the first test case.  Anytime access to the Subject7 test automation platform makes working together easy and productive.

Teams no longer work in silos with Subject7.  The Subject7 platform allows team members to easily share and collaborate, while maintaining a documented, secure repository of all test materials, including artifacts and test definitions.


Streamline Cross Browser Testing via Parallel Execution.


Run the same test with many data sets, browsers, and platforms with no scripting.

You no longer need to manage hundreds of machines in your inventory for testing, or worry about keeping up with the latest browsers and configurations. Subject7 manages and maintains them in the cloud. It's no longer an afterthought to check new code against the latest configs. We take care of this for you, freeing valuable resources of capital and human-capital for more strategic activities.


Document Video Evidence of Defect Triggers.


End "I Can't Reproduce This Defect!?!"

At the heart of the software testing process is correcting found defects prior to production. One of the most aggravating challenges for developers is reproducing the defect, so that it can be reviewed and fixed. Subject7 eliminates this problem.

If a defect is found, the developer receives a report with:

  • Video of the sequence that triggered the defect

  • Screenshots

Granular level details on each test execution include:

  • Duration & speed

  • Browser version

  • Log information


Work with Subject7.

Our commercial and government customers include:

What customers are saying:

Subject7 is CI-friendly…. [we] were not able to integrate UFT with our CI tool even with help from our architects.
— Extramural Research, NIH
As a startup, Partfiniti needs to get a quality product to market fast. Subject7 has enabled our small team to test and iterate our web application without having to spend huge amounts of money on infrastructure and people, allowing us to get to market faster, and with a better product. The support team at Subject7 was extremely helpful in getting us up to speed and helping throughout the whole process to make sure we had an application that exceeded our needs. We were able to get up and running with very little effort due to Subject7’s ease of use, and now have some very effective testing tools.
— CEO, Partfiniti
Subject7 has significantly expanded our ability to offer our clients and partners, a scalable and easy to use solution for increasing the effectiveness of their testing strategies for web applications. After minimal training, our staff was able to create cloud-based, automated tests for the browser of their choice. Organizations are able to leverage the power of Subject7 without the costly investment in infrastructure normally required for this type of functionality. This is a game changer.
— Director, Business Development at ESNS
I was able to finish the regression tests for one of our HHS applications in about three weeks. I went from no clue to confident and productive in about two weeks of ramp-up!
— Junior Associate, Leidos