Subject7 Test Automation Features

Subject7 is a scalable, Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud-based test automation platform designed to author, maintain, and run test cases for software applications.  Subject7 uses test authoring through a wizard-driven web interface and performs functional, regression, and acceptance testing for software applications.

Easy to Set-up and Use

No infrastructure, customization, or scripting language is required to use our platform. Start writing tests using your browser of choice in a matter of minutes,  running them on the cloud with integrated reporting capabilities. It's simple: identify your web elements, use simple wizards to create test steps, run them on your local box to make sure they work correctly, and finally run them in parallel on the cloud.


With Subject7's elegant, out-of-the-box scalability, you can run your tests for the same application in parallel with zero effort. Schedule the execution set to run at a particular time, or ask your build system or Continuous Integration (CI) tool to invoke it for you with our RESTful APIs. This enables you to run thousands of tests and get results within a couple of hours.  It's hassle-free for your organization because you don't have to build an infrastructure and framework or maintain operations.

We use proven cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 to achieve parallel execution. All tests will run on an individual virtual machine mimicking the production environment.

Robust and Powerful

  • Replicates the load of thousands of virtual machines using the cloud
  • Accesses the latest configurations of virtual machines in the cloud without needing to manage physical inventory
  • Enables comprehensive cross-browser testing
  • Tests both the UI and APIs
  • Tests continuously during application development, not just at the end of the cycle

Collaboration Tool

  • Amplifies manual testing with a robust, reliable framework
  • Frees valuable human testers to focus on exploratory testing vs. coding and regression testing
  • Enables off cycle tests to run while the team is sleeping