We believe in our differences

“The clear-cut benefit is you don’t have to have programming skills to use it successfully”



Subject7 was born in the cloud. We harness the power of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and/or your private cloud, and scale to meet the evolving needs of your business. We do it out-of-the-box, running thousands of tests in parallel, across different networks, platforms, and mediums. Our platform promotes test case and data independence making it easy to create thousands of tests across teams.


In the modern Agile world, automation is an organizational effort and everyone must participate. Teams with differing skill sets will have a need to create robust automation effectively and quickly. With a user-friendly web UI, we enable skilled testers, business analysts, and even non-technical manual testers to author sophisticated automation without ever writing a single line of code. What’s more, we enable those same resources to codelessly maintain their tests, parameterize them, build templates, even simplify database and API testing. We’ve made it easy, fast, and fun to automate everything.


We leverage the best open-source technologies including Selenium, Appium, Sikuli, JMeter, Zap, and more. We’ve built a single, unified web interface around those disparate technologies and have abstracted away all of the technical complexity. Under the hood, sophisticated and elegant engineering is at work, to ensure that the surface layer, where the user engages, remains simple, intuitive, and flexible.


We set out to remove or minimize silos and resource dependencies in testing, so from the start, we set a goal to support every technology and every discipline of testing.  That means you can create automated tests against web apps, native mobile apps, and desktop apps.  Have a test-case that starts on the web, goes to desktop, and ultimately includes a mobile component, you can do that too, in one testing flow, using a single codeless under interface.

We also support all major testing disciplines in our single platform including, regression, load, accessibility, database, and API testing.  You can even leverage arithmetic commands, create variables, loops, parameters, and a number of advanced capabilities, ensuring that Subject7 has the features to support your testing needs at the start and for years as your automated testing evolves, expands, and matures.


Our extensive REST API allows virtually any DevOps pipeline to integrate with our platform. Our APIs are well documented and we’ve used them to create native plugins for Jenkins, JIRA, Ant, Maven, Slack, and more. You can kick off a smoke suite, publish the reports in SonarCube or SharePoint, notify by email, and much more.  

Artificial Intelligence

As we all know, test case recording is easy but robust playback is a real challenge of test automation. We have developed a sophisticated AI-powered algorithm to help identify elements on the screen. Our recorder is hooked to our element definition engine, which enables our playback to work reliably, resulting in testing that is more deterministic. Our self-healing capabilities allow tests to remain relevant for longer without the need for maintenance. We continue to incorporate other machine learning features to reduce mundane tasks, leaving more space for creativity and innovation in testing.


We are very responsive to our customers. We believe the evolution of our platform has been a direct function of our customers' needs. Our platform is literally a collection of solutions to automation needs stem out of our customers and prospects. We listen. We contemplate. We deliver. We value our customers. We think you should talk to our existing customers