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“I can train anyone to do the automation. This changes

what kind of skillset I need with an

automation tester. It’s very easy to

maintain when you have such a tool compared

to maintaining the direct Selenium code.”


Wait, Is Avoiding Low-Code an Automation Anti-Pattern?

I’ve said it. You may have heard me say it, or at least seen me write it. Automation development is software development, and we need to treat it as such. I’ve also said the use of record-and-playback, drag-and-drop, or low-/no-code tools is generally not a good way to create an “enterprise-class” automation endeavor. The reasons

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DevOps and SecOps finally intersecting, what this means for your process

DevOps started with a few revolutionary observations in their day yet seem obvious today. For example, before DevOps, you had the programmers, whose job was to create change, and operations, whose job was to ensure reliability or uptime. The easiest way to ensure uptime was to prevent change. Framed that way, operations and programming are

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Test Approaches and Types Distilled

A few years ago, a friend emailed me a survey about software testing. The survey asked us to specify our roles, along with which kind of testing we thought was most important. As I recall, the question was, “If you could only do one type of testing, which would you pick?” Surprisingly, the point of

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Gherkin Behavior Driven Testing: Hype or Not?

Behavior Driven Development was a mind hack. Dan North, the creator, was teaching unit testing to programmers and noticed that programmers found testing … well … boring – which made the idea of driving development with tests even less interesting.  Yet what those tests were doing was really defining behavior, or setting expectations. A test

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When to use Mocking – Manager’s edition

During our recent webinar on revisiting the test automation pyramid, an attendee named Stephen asked for some guidance on when mocking was good or bad. The good folks at Subject7 asked me to take a look at the question and offer my perspective. Mocking Defined A strict definition of a mock is a bit of

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When Should You Rewrite or Retire a Test?

In the preface to his book Extreme Programming Explained, Kent Beck said that he likes teams to run fast. Design documents, technical specifications and anything that needs to be changed as the software changes create cruft. Cruft will either become outdated (and incorrect) over time, or else need to be maintained, and maintaining cruft slows

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Should you Focus on Unit versus End-to-End Tests?

The best part of a presentation might just be the Q&A.  After all, that is the part where the material meets the actual life experiences of the audience.  About a month ago, we hosted a panel discussion titled “Revisiting the Test Automation Pyramid – 20 years later.”  The panel attracted a lot of great questions,

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