Cobb Systems Group (CSG) is an award-winning, minority-owned business enterprise headquartered in Montgomery County, Maryland. CSG provides both technology for talent and talent for technology.

CSG’s patented talent engagement and analytics platform, ProForm™, delivers the features of traditional job boards, resume builders, and applicant tracking systems along with robust assessment, matching, and insight capabilities. ProForm™-enabled practices reduce time and cost to hire, enhance candidate pipeline quality and job fit, increase inclusion, and lower ongoing workforce costs.


Within ProForm™, privileges determine what menus, screens, and features are accessible to each user. ProForm™ has over 250 privileges. This level of granularity allows for thousands of custom configurations. These configurations must be regression-tested across multiple datasets and browsers, further expanding the number of test scenarios to be run with each code release or infrastructure change.  CSG needed an automated test platform that would ensure test scenario coverage within release timeframes.


CSG evaluated several commercially installed, software as a service (SaaS), and open source solutions.  However, all other solutions effectively required test automation resources to be software developers. In Subject7, CSG found a product that, out-of-the-box is:

  • Easy to implement (deployed as SaaS), with no installation necessary and seamless upgrades

  • Scalable with the power of Amazon cloud

  • Simple to use (wizard-driven test script creation), requiring no software development or scripting skills

  • Powerful in its ability to consistently replicate the execution of multiple test suites across multiple browsers with real-time status reporting

  • Robust in its ability to support data-driven testing wherein one test scenario is automatically re-run with varying inputs


Using Subject7, CSG was able to automate privilege regression testing and:

  • Decrease regression testing cycle time from 2-3 weeks to 3-4 days (this time can further be reduced by employing additional virtual machines)

  • Enhance team productivity

  • Free valuable test resources for other activities

  • Ensure test execution consistency and coverage

    CSG continues to improve its continuous integration processes using Subject7 as a critical component in its test and validation efforts.