Motionsoft is the leading provider of software and billing solutions for the active lifestyle industry,  with more than 2,000 health and fitness customers  throughout the Americas and the UK. The software provides all the capabilities needed to manage a fitness center, including contract management, check-in, point-of-sale, financial reporting, business analytics and more.

Grant Otto is Motionsoft’s CTO, and Arinze Ukeh manages the company’s team of 16 testers and automation engineers.


When Grant joined the company in early 2016, there was an existing automation project in place for the MoSo 3.0 product build and rollout. The company had 2,000 manual test cases that took weeks to run. In addition, the test cases had been built by an offshore team that wasn’t fully integrated with the company’s in-house team. Grant cancelled the project and continued to use internal resources for manual testing throughout the remainder of the product build.

In early 2018, MoSo 3.0 had been live for two customers for several months, when the need arose to harden and stabilize the platform more. The company needed to be able to find more defects because of the limitations of manual testing, which prevented them from running certain test cases. Grant needed to automate approximately 800 to 1,000 smoke test cases.

“Among other things, our clients use MoSo 3.0 for billing their customers, so we take QA automation very seriously to ensure a high quality of service on our platform,” Grant noted.


Motionsoft considered several test automation options, including a home-grown solution, as well as Subject7. After seeing an impressive demo and checking customer references, Grant chose Subject7.

He identified several initial test automation requirements as a pilot, including the automation of 350 test cases within six months, and an ultimate goal of automating 26,000 test cases over time.


Thanks to Subject7, Motionsoft was able to make product quality a high priority in 2018.

“Once we found Subject7, we were able to radically change our QA process,” said Grant. “We focused 75% of our team’s time on stabilization in 2018, reducing defects by 66% by the end of the year. I’m frankly shocked at our over achievement in the automation area.”

After easily surpassing the original goal of automating 350 test cases, Motionsoft now executes 1,600 automated cases on a daily basis.

“We do a monthly release,” said Grant. “We have one cycle of full regression testing and one smoke test after the deployment.”

“With Subject7 we can run 1,200 cases every day, Monday through Friday,” Grant added. “If these cases had to be run manually, we could only run them once a month, with each scheduled release.”

No Coding Skills Necessary

“Subject7 is a very user-friendly test automation solution,” Grant added “There’s simply no coding needed to write and execute automation tests. If you know basic Xpath, you can do your own test scripts. It’s just very intuitive and certainly not difficult to learn.”

Ensuring Quality in an Agile World

“You really can’t adopt an agile methodology without test automation,” said Grant. “You simply don’t have time to keep running tests in the waterfall method. Anyone trying to do releases monthly will find that it’s just not possible to release a quality product without testing automation.”

“In this this day and age, there’s enough technology out there with integration into your development process, so that all of these tests can be triggered automatically by code merges,” Grant concluded.