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Subject7 Inc., developers of the incredibly fast and easy Subject7 software test automation platform, was selected by Dovel to provide software test automation for web applications serving 20 different U.S. government agencies.

Among Dovel’s various projects within the federal government, one specific project is a series of web-based applications integration into a single grants management system servicing 20 Federal agencies, requiring 936 man-hours of regression testing time, and a headcount of six testing resources before leveraging Subject7. Dovel delivers development, operations, maintenance, and enhancement support for this project and continues to provide ongoing regression testing on the system.

Although the company employs testers with a broad range of skill sets, Dovel preferred and sought a test automation solution that did not require such a substantial coding efforts, so that testers could focus on providing subject matter expertise rather than spending time learning a proprietary programming language to conduct automated testing. It was critical for the Dovel team to have a cost-effective solution that met the following criteria: easy to install and configure, scaled out of the box, provided cross-browser and cross-environment testing, and did not require any knowledge of coding or scripting.

After extensively using a series of COTS and open source test automation products, the Dovel team decided to pilot Subject7’s platform. The team was quickly impressed with the functionality and ease of use. With only introductory training, the team was creating and running test cases almost immediately.

“What we noticed from the first day with Subject7 was the ease of use, and how fast testers were able to ramp up, even without any prior knowledge of testing,” said QA Manager at Dovel. “We reduced our regression time by more than 90% and freed up our testers for exploratory testing.”

“Dovel’s use case for faster and easier software test automation is an ideal application for Subject7,” said Payam Fard, CEO of Subject7. “We’re pleased to have Dovel among the progressive companies recognizing a better way to automate software testing with the Subject7 platform.”

Dovel empowers customer missions with innovative technology solutions. By applying proven software development methodologies combined with leading edge technologies and approaches, customers are provided solutions that will meet the needs of today and into the future. Dovel has been instrumental in the design and implementation of some of the most mission critical and innovative systems in government today. They bring strong experience across the software development lifecycle as well as specialized experience in Health IT, Education, Grants Management, and Regulatory markets. Dovel has been appraised at CMMI® Maturity Level 3, and its annual quality report receives accolades from industry leaders such as Capers Jones, who has listed Dovel in the category of “Companies That Utilize Best Practices” along with IBM, Amazon, Google, and Apple.

About Subject7

Subject7 is the developer of an incredibly fast, easy, and affordable software test automation platform that requires no coding skills to perform complex, end-to-end test automation scenarios at virtually any scale. Major corporations, U.S. government agencies, and federal contractors rely on Subject7’s powerful platform to quickly and easily identify and correct code issues, accelerate release cycles, and reduce development costs. For more information, visit