Subject7 Unveils Universal Runner

Subject7 Unveils Universal Runner
Joe Kiriacos, for Subject7

One of the barriers to organizations embracing Codeless Test Automation has been the lingering question of how to manage legacy tests written in other testing frameworks. For most organizations, that means Selenium. The prospect of recreating thousands of Selenium tests, even using a codeless solution, is understandably daunting and has been a barrier to many organizations embracing the efficiency of codeless automation.

No longer.

Subject7 has released a revolutionary capability called Universal Runner to address this challenge. Universal Runner executes existing Selenium scripts natively from the Subject7 interface. It leverages Subject7’s Unified Cloud to run the tests at scale, produces video capture of the execution, and generates detailed outcome reports in the Subject7 Analytics and Reporting framework. Using Universal Runner customers can:

  • Connect and execute existing Selenium scripts.
  • Utilize the Subject7 Unified Cloud for high scale parallel execution.
  • Obtain video capture and screen shots of tests, including failures and defects.
  • Access unified outcome reports, whether the test was authored in Selenium or Subject7.
  • Utilize Subject7 Codeless to accelerate creation of new automated test cases.

The best part…You can use Universal Runner to leverage legacy Selenium scripts while empowering your testers, SMEs, and business analysts to accelerate new automation using Subject7 codeless.

Contact us today to try Universal Runner and take a giant leap forward in your automation journey.

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