Test Automation that’s Powerful and Easy


Cost Effective

Building automation frameworks using open source requires ongoing maintenance and highly skilled resources. We use open source standards such as Selenium and Appium, but we hide the complexities, reducing your overall costs. This enables your organization to focus on what you do best, and leave the rest to us. This is just one of the many ways Subject7 reduce overall test automation costs for development shops. In addition, users typically experience the following cost benefits:

It took 936 hours to do manually what Subject7 did in 7 hours.”

Time Savings

Our customers have executed tests 100 times faster with Subject7, enabling more tests to be run in less time. Hiring skilled resources, steep learning curve, and scaling fragmented automation scripts are enterprises’ main automation concerns. Subject7 enables companies to scale automation quickly with very basic QA skills.


Companies often outgrow their initial testing platforms, causing costs to escalate as in-house platforms become too complex to maintain. Subject7 was designed out-of-the-box to scale to millions of executions in the cloud while simplifying the complications for end-users.


Rising demand for high quality and fast releases has shrunk testing windows. Subject7’s cost-effective automation platform enables higher standards for release pipelines. All DevOps pipeline can build, deploy, and monitor. The only piece of the puzzle left to solve for a reliable CD pipeline is test automation. Subject7 integrates with all major pipelines including Jenkins, GitLab, AWS Code Pipeline, and more.


Highly Responsive

Our team and our platform are both built with the same mentality: Flexibility. Unlike other providers, we are extremely responsive to our customers’ needs. We often deliver new feature requests within two weeks.

Single Platform

There’s a huge advantage in having all your testing saved in one big box. You don’t have to have separate tools. Mapping test cases to the tool, added to Jira for defects and reporting; it will sell very well when you tell someone you have one single tool where everything is reusable. Take one test script and use pieces of that script for your performance load, 508 testing and other tests.”
— Grantsolutions.gov

With Subject7, teams no longer work in silos. Our platform allows team members to easily share and collaborate, while maintaining a documented, secure repository of all test materials, including artifacts and test scripts. In addition, only Subject7 lets you reuse the same automated test cases for load testing, security testing, and accessibility testing.

Using our web UI, non-developers can quickly create test cases  and easily modify them as necessary. Subject7 uses industry standards such as Selenium, Appium, JMeter, and ZAP so that users can learn the product easily without the need to use any programming language.

SaaS Platform

Subject7's test automation can be installed in the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid model. Out-of-the-box, no configuration is needed to write the first test case. Anytime access to the Subject7 test automation platform makes working together easy and productive.

APIs and SDK

Developers can integrate with virtually any 3rd party systems, create custom plugins, dashboards, notifications, and callbacks. This helps facilitate seamless collaboration between operations, engineering, and QA.


Additional Benefits for Dev Shops Using Subject7

Much More than ‘Record and Play’

Recording is easy, it’s the reliable playback that has always been difficult with other tools. At Subject7 we use sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to allow robust playback.

Run the same test with many data sets, browsers, and platforms with no scripting

You no longer need to manage hundreds of machines in your inventory for testing, or worry about keeping up with the latest browsers and configurations. Subject7 manages and maintains them in the cloud. It's no longer an afterthought to check new code against the latest configs. We take care of this for you, freeing valuable capital resources and human resources for more strategic activities.

Once we found Subject7, we were able to radically change our QA process. We focused 75% of our team’s time on stabilization in 2018, reducing defects by 66% by the end of the year.
— CTO, Motionsoft